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Top tips for using the Library’s studios

21 September 2022

Did you know that, in addition to our meeting rooms, the Library has self-facilitated studios for our members to use?

Our free studios provide dedicated spaces and equipment to help you produce your next audio project, whether that’s a podcast, panel discussion or a piece of music.

We asked our site operations coordinator and resident audio expert, Jonny Faith, to share his top tips for getting started in the Library’s studios.

Jonny’s top tips

1. Before booking a studio, book an induction for the studio you wish to use. You’ll be introduced to the spaces and gain vital knowledge so you can hit the ground running once you start your booking.

2. After your induction, if you’re still not feeling confident, book a session to just practice on your own and familiarise yourself with the equipment.

3. Make sure you bring external storage to save your work on – our computers are regularly cleared for future users, and we won’t save a copy of your work.

4. Once you’re ready to record, plan your session as much as possible. Sessions are limited to two hours and pre-planning will ensure you get the most from your time!

5. Sound check. It’s wise to do a quick test recording to ensure levels and equipment are ready to go before starting to record for real.

6. Leave a little bit of silence before and after your recording, this can help with editing later.

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