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Book a studio FAQs

Booking a studio

What do I need to do to use the studios?

First you will need to become a Library member. Becoming an Access member is free and available for all Victorians.

Once you are a member, you will need to attend a group induction. The induction will cover all the basics on how to get started in the studio, as well as housekeeping rules.

Each studio has a separate induction and anyone in your group who plans to use the equipment will need to complete an induction.

Once you’ve attended the induction, you’re free to book a studio through our website.

If you're looking for extra benefits to support your study, family or cultural interests, enhance your experience with one of our tailored membership options.

Find out more about Library membership and how to sign up.

How do I book a studio or an induction?

You can book a studio and an induction online. Simply select the studio you want to use, and follow the links from there.

Studio equipment

Who will operate the equipment in the studios?

Our studios are self-facilitated. During your booking you will need to operate the equipment yourself. Tech support during your session will not be available.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, you can bring additional equipment such as instruments. All instruments are allowed except drum kits. Unplugging any of the equipment provided in the studio is not permitted.

Can I borrow equipment?

The equipment provided in the studios is available for you to use for the duration of your booking but you are unable to use it outside your allotted booking time or remove it from the studios.

What happens if equipment is damaged?

Please report any damage or faults with equipment to staff when checking out from your session.

Using a studio

Can I eat & drink in the studios?

Only bottled water can be brought into the studios.

Can I bring other people to my booking?

Yes. Provided you attend the booking and operate the equipment, you can bring guests.

However, the rooms have strict capacities of four people in Studio 2 and six people in Studio 4. Anyone in your group who plans to use the equipment will need to complete an induction.

Can I extend my booking if I need more time?

Bookings are limited to two hours and one booking per day.

How do I take my work recording home with me?

You must bring external storage to save your own work. Our computers are regularly cleared for future users and we will not save a copy of your work.

Are the studios COVID-safe?

Yes. The studios will be cleaned regularly. Certain items which can’t be cleaned, such as pop filters, will not be provided.

Strict room capacities and session lengths are also in place to allow sufficient space and ventilation. 

Hirers are advised to step out of the space and take breaks every 45 minutes to allow adequate air flow and ventilation.

For more information, read the Library's Conditions of Entry.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions please contact us on [email protected].