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The Policy Pitch reading list: out of hospital, out of pocket

02 March 2022

Australia’s universal health system is world-renowned. Yet, there are still problems. A successful universal healthcare system should mean that no person misses out on care because of cost, yet many do in Australia. This is because patients can still be billed co-payments at any price for health services, on top of the government Medicare subsidy. The burden of high co-payments falls on some people more than others, particularly people with low incomes and chronic health conditions. This must change.

Grattan Institute has previously published reports on reducing the out-of-pocket costs Australians face for healthcare. A 2018 report advocated for a universal dental care scheme, and previous reports also focused on fixing private healthcare insurance to help make private hospital care more affordable. Join us for a live webinar discussion on Monday 7 of March 2022 to hear from experts in the industry.

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