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Mastering the art of shadowgraphy

27 April 2023

We recently turned a new page on the World of the Book exhibition, and to celebrate an exciting new display Librarian Dominique Dunstan wants to introduce you to the charming art of shadowgraphy.

Shadowgraphy is the art of making shapes or shadows and using them to tell a story, often performed using your hands in a dynamic and expressive way. Our exhibition World of the Book 2023 explores shadowgraphy through books and shadow puppets from the 1800s to the modern day.

In this video, Dominique explores the art form's long history and the influence of some of the practice's great luminaries, including Félicien Trewey, Louis Nikola and Henry Bursill, whose work can be found within the Library's Collection.

Plus, Dominique shares some tips of her own for becoming a master shadowgrapher - all you need is a sharp light, a screen and hands to practice with!

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