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Dominique Dunstan on the WG Alma Conjuring Collection

Speaker(s): Dominique Dunstan

  • Date recorded: 25 Oct 2011

  • Duration: 02:27

'These are magicians’ wands from around the world, the most personal of a magician’s apparatus.'

- Dominique Dunstan

About this video

The Library is home to all sorts of weird and wonderful things, and one of the most magical is the WG Alma Conjuring Collection.

Enter the world of magicians and conjurers, from magic wands and books of secrets to scale models of stage illusions.

You won't learn the secrets behind the conjurer’s sleight of hand – on donating his collection, it was one of Alma's conditions that we never reveal his tricks of the trade – but this glimpse into his collection will inspire budding magicians and lovers of visual trickery alike.


Dominique Dunstan is a librarian at State Library Victoria.