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We've opened up our image vault, dusted off the cobwebs and sourced almost 170,000 images and maps from our collection for you to reuse, remix and repurpose in any way you choose.

So let your imagination take flight – dive into our digital image pool, select and download your photos, then create something new. Start with a vintage paper lantern, make a 19th-century papercraft dog, or be inspired by some of the other remixes you'll see here.

Share your creation on Instagram using the hashtag #remixvic – we’ll feature our favourite remixes here and on our @Library_Vic Instagram account.

Don't use Instagram? No worries, you can share your #remixvic creations on Facebook and Twitter, too.

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Feeling crafty

Delve into our blogs and research guides to start remixing, and find inspiration for your next remix project.