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Crafternoon activities

Pile of gifts in wrapping paper and pop up cards
18 December 2020

Join Tessa and Julianne for some crafty fun to keep the kids busy these summer school holidays!

In these five bite-sized video tutorials you’ll learn how to craft items like stickers, unique and sustainable DIY gift-wraps and fragrant bath salts. You'll also be shown the secret to leveling up your Christmas cards with a simple pop-up technique, and the steps to making a pom pom launcher. 

Suitable for 3–12 year olds, their parents and carers.

State Library Victoria is a Child Safe Organisation.

Make your own stamps and giftwraps With a bit of paint, potatoes, a toilet roll and your imagination, you can make something amazing for any festive occasion!

Make your own pop-up cards Make your cards pop with this simple technique! You’ll need some card, paper, paints, scissors, glue and some images or magazine cuttings.

Make your own stickers Create stickers with this simple sticky tape hack! All you need is baking paper, sticky tape, scissors and images to make personalised and original stickers.

Make your own launcher This is perfect for launching pom poms or marshmallows or small soft toys! You need a paper cup, a balloon, sticky tape and scissors. 

Make your own rainbow bath crystals All the colours of the rainbow will make bathtime magical! All you need are epsom salts, food colouring, essential oils and a recycled jar.