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Crafternoon activities

Woman in pink top smiling and holding a craft spaceship
01 April 2021

Join our host Tash for some crafty fun to keep the kids busy these school holidays!

In these bite-sized video tutorials you’ll learn how to craft out of this world items from materials you can find at home.

Make a nebula in a jar

A nebula is a giant cloud of colourful dust and gas in space; swirly, sparkly and beautiful! To make your very own mini nebula in a jar, you'll need:

  • A jar with a lid
  • Cotton wool balls pulled apart
  • Glitter and stars
  • Coloured paints
  • Water

Make your own alien spacecraft

Have you ever gazed up at the starry sky and wondered what was out there? Well why don't you make your own little visitor from space! You'll need:

  • Paper plates or bowls
  • Silver paint
  • A pom pom
  • A clear plastic cup or tub
  • Pipe Cleaners and googly eyes
  • Glue and sticky tape

Suitable for 3–12 year olds, their parents and carers. 

State Library Victoria is a Child Safe Organisation.

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