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Anne Burrows on family history research

Meet genealogy librarian Anne Burrows, who shares her passion for engaging with the Library’s collections – from family history to manuscripts, pictures and maps.

'More and more material is going to be digitised, and I think that's an incredible resource for all researchers.'

– Anne Burrows

In this video, Anne traces the life of Susannah Nicholls, whose archive is now part of the Library’s Australian Manuscripts Collection.

Susannah migrated to Victoria in the 1920s, settling in the coastal area of Pearcedale, where her husband became the headmaster of the local school and she became sewing mistress.

Anne reveals how the records of everyday women such as Susannah provide insights into daily life over the decades.

Photographs reveal past fashions, letters add details of everyday life, newspaper records shed light on community activities such as local theatre groups, shipping lists trace the journeys made by migrants to Australia, and local history publications add context and background to people’s lives.