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Ann Copeland on answering family history queries

Ann Copeland meets plenty of visitors to the Library in her role as an access and information librarian. It’s an interaction that she loves.

'No two stories are the same but every single one of their stories is personal and fascinating.'

– Ann Copeland

In this video, Ann takes us through the steps involved in answering a query from a visitor researching an ancestor who emigrated from Scotland in 1853.

The visitor wanted to know why they came to Australia, what the journey was like and what happened when they arrived.

Ann shows us the passenger list that provides the name of the ship their ancestor sailed on, and unearths a historic newspaper that depicts life on board during the journey.

She also reveals a copy of the land grant that shows how, in just a few short years, the relative went from being destitute in Scotland, as a victim of the Highland clearances, to owning land in the colony of Victoria.

Ann extends a welcome to everyone wanting to research their families. We have one of the largest family history collections in Australia, and subject specialists such as Ann are here to help.