Wi-fi, internet & printing

Free wi-fi

We provide free, high-speed wireless access in all of the Library’s public areas.

To connect, select the State Library Victoria network and open your web browser – the Library’s wi-fi access page will appear. Complete our quick, two-step log-in process and you will be redirected to the Library’s homepage. You are now free to start browsing.

The Library has plenty of AC power points and you can also print from your device using the Library's wireless print and copy service.

The wireless service will automatically disconnect if your device is idle for 30 minutes. Please note that the Library is unable to provide technical support for wireless users. For more details, see our wi-fi-specific conditions.

For more information on using the Library's wi-fi, visit the Connecting to our wi-fi page.

Using our PCs

Public PCs for general internet browsing are available in the Redmond Barry Reading Room. Bookings can be made at the reservation PC for a 30-minute session. Please note that during periods of high demand, session lengths may be shorter.

These PCs also run Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher programs. Please note that we are unable to provide assistance with Microsoft Office programs. You may find the Microsoft support website to be useful.

The PCs include eight sit-down catalogue and database PCs (near Cowen), and four stand-up catalogue and database PCs (two near Cowen, two on the mezzanine level).

PCs for using the Library's catalogue or for searching our subscription eresources are available in the Arts Reading Room, the Herald and Weekly Times Newspapers Reading Room and the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust Family History Reading Room. Bookings are not required on these PCs. They do not have Microsoft Office software. You are, however, able to view and print Microsoft Office documents from these PCs.

Print, copy & scan

'Copy, print and scan' card

You will need a Library membership card or 'copy, print and scan' card to print from your own device or from a PC, or to copy or scan material to email or a USB device.

You can purchase a 'copy, print and scan' card from the Newspapers and Family History Reading Room. 'Copy, print and scan' cards cost one dollar and include 40 cents printing credit.

Please bring one dollar exactly or use EFTPOS facilities to purchase a card, as the Libary is not able to provide change.

To add credit to your 'copy, print and scan' card, use the card cashier machine in the Newspapers and Family History Reading Room.

Print from your own device

You’ll need internet access to print from your own device. Please read the ‘Free wi-fi’ section at the top of this page for help connecting to our public wi-fi. Once you are online, navigate to our web print page and follow the links to upload the document/s you wish to print.

Printer locations

Black-and-white printers are located:

  • in the Redmond Barry Reading Room
  • in the entrance foyer to the La Trobe Reading Room
  • in the Herald and Weekly Times Newspapers Reading Room and the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust Family History Reading Room
  • in the Heritage Collections Reading Room.

There is one colour printer in the Newspapers and Family History Reading Room.

To find these locations, download a Library map below the 'More to explore' heading at the bottom of this page.

Note: Your print job will not print out until you release it – this can be done at any of the Library printers listed above. Your print job will be saved on the server for 12 hours. As your account won't be charged until your print job is released, you can send your document to the server, then add credit to your card before printing.

Price list

Copy Card
$1 (includes 40c printing credit)
Black & white copy/print
Colour copy/print
Print from microform
Scan to USB
Scan to email


Visitors to the Library must comply with special handling instructions or conditions specified by Library staff, the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968, the Victorian Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, the Library's by-laws and any intellectual property rights of the State Library of Victoria.

If you're unsure if you can photocopy an item, ask a member of staff for advice.

Making copies with your camera in collection areas

Certain restrictions apply to making copies via your camera in the Library. 

  • Due to copyright and privacy restrictions related to the Australian Manuscripts and Pictures Collections, you will need the authorisation of the Collection Manager before copying collection items.
  • Restrictions also apply to copying Heritage Collections Reading Room material such as pictures, maps, rare books and manuscripts. For details, please ask Heritage Collection staff or phone 03 8664 7009.
  • In some cases you can only copy materials with your camera under the supervision of Library staff, and a supervision fee will be charged.
  • Staff may withdraw permission to use a camera in the Library at any time.

Reproducing copies

Our collection contains thousands of items out of copyright and many more still under copyright restrictions. 

Generally, Australian copyright law allows you to copy or re-use in-copyright material for the purpose of research, study, criticism or review. 

If you're unsure whether you can reproduce copies of an item, see the 'Find an answer' pages on the Australian Copyright Council's website. Also see our Understanding copyright page and Glossary and useful resources for more information.