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Deceptology: The science of magic

Join magician extraordinaire and Tricky Nick author Nicholas J Johnson to learn some magic tricks – as well as the science behind the magic!

In these four fun videos, below, Nicholas demonstrates magic tricks like rope folding and card disappearing to show how and why we fall for illusions and deceptions.

Each video has an accompanying activity to engage children in both the magic trick and the science behind the magic! You can find the activities at the bottom of this page.

Perfect for use in the classroom or for remote learning, for ages 9-12.

This Deceptology program was made possible with the support of the Lewin Family Fund.

Watch Deceptology

Spinning disc illusion: make your hand look like it's growing or shrinking!

Matchbox Monte: outwit your friends in this guessing game!

Ropes through anything: make two tied-up pieces of rope magically undo!

Six cards trick: make a card disappear!