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How to fix Trove articles

It’s easy to contribute to our campagins to fix digitised Victorian newspaper articles on Trove.

Pick a topic

We’ve kicked things off with campaign sets of articles on Victorian topics we think you’ll like. Go ahead and select your theme of interest.

Choose an article

From there, simply choose an article that interests you.

Start fixing

Click through from an article excerpt to view the full article on Trove and correct the Electronically Translated Text (ETT) – you will see the ETT and editing options in a left-hand-side window next to the article image on your screen.

You don't need to register as a Trove user to make corrections, but it can be helpful if you do. If you don't register, your username won't appear on our list of fixed articles as the last person who updated it (no fame or glory!). Also, you won't be able to remove any tags – this can be useful if you make a typing mistake and need to redo the tag.

Trove offers its own 'how to' guide for correcting and we suggest you take a look at that if you get stuck.

Be as ambitious as you like - you can fix a line, a paragraph or entire articles.

If you are the last person to fix the text of an article, your name will automatically display above the article excerpt on our campaign page.

Tag it as done

When an entire article is fixed (when all the Electronically Translated Text correctly matches the text in the digitised image of the article), add the tag ‘vicfix-done’ to the article by clicking on the 'Add Tags' label. Make this a Public (not Private) tag.

Note: the 'vicfix-done' tag is case sensitive and must be entered as shown.

Adding the 'vicfix-done' tag tells us that the article has been fixed, and our campaigns will be updated to show the progress of the articles corrected.

Keep on keeping on

Pop back to our campaign page to choose another article, or go to the Vicfix page to choose a new topic entirely.

Share, share, share

Whether you correct or browse, be sure to share your digitised Victorian newspaper fixes with your community and on social media.

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our enewsletter to stay up to date with our Vicfix and other Library news.

Help is at hand

Need more information? Find out more about Trove or check Trove’s 'how-to' guide for correcting.

Read fixed articles

If correcting isn’t your style, we encourage you to browse the articles in our campaign sets and click over to Trove to read them. A whole world of fascinating Victorian-related material awaits you there! (Many of the Victorian newspapers have been digitised from our own expansive newspaper collection.)