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What's your story?

'What's your story' interactive display

Image of 3 people and 3 items from the library collection

The free What's your story? interactive display was held at the Library's Palmer Hall from 12 March to 24 July 2016. 

The display featured videos of nine fellow Victorians sharing their stories – some personal, some surprising, all of them unique. 

Visitors to the exhibition were invited to share their own stories on special catalogue cards that will become a permanent part of the State Collection, preserved for future generations.


Shane discusses the mutability of roles within a family.


Sam talks about the day when he learned of his father's death. 


Kaz talks about the inspiration that helped her imagine her future as an artist.


Rex recalls the moment, sixty years ago, when he first met his wife.


Masoud shares the lessons he learned from heartbreak. 


Lynn talks about an occasion when she was overcome by patriotic fervour.


Genevieve recalls the time when she won her dream job.

Story highlights

Watch tantalising snippets of stories from fellow Victorians  – some personal, some surprising, all of them unique. 


Anne talks of a transformative moment when she saw a familiar face in a new light.


Mikelangelo recounts the experience of visiting his ancestral homeland for the first time.

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Photo of a catalogue card in a drawer with a personal story written on it

View unique stories shared on Instagram using the #collectmystory hashtag.


Nicholas offers a child's-eye perspective on Marvellous Melbourne.


Mark recounts a poignant dream that is his earliest memory.


Marcia recounts a turning point in her life that took place a quarter of a century ago, in Cyprus.


Iona talks of a recent and transformative friendship.


Mehmet talks about acclimatising to Australia after emigrating from Turkey.


Lex talks about her first exposure to the immensity of the galaxy.


Fatima recounts an awkward instance of misunderstanding.


Lestyn recounts treasured memories of going with his father to watch Liverpool Football Club play in the '80s.


Gail recounts a special friendship with a local milliner.


Callum talks about the pressure of competing for a place in the under-nineteens lacrosse world games.


Ann recalls an unexpected source of excitement during a recent road trip.


Wendy tells of an unexpected occurrence during a visit to a Melbourne cafe.


Amiru recounts a near miss with a fatal snake!


Tor tells of a teenage friendship that changed her life.


Elie talks about the significant role that chess has played in his life.