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2018 fellow: Eugene Perepletchikov


Documentary: Three fold

Three fold is a documentary film that aims to explore how Ukrainian culture has been maintained and transmitted through three consecutive generations of migrants, starting from the post-WWII arrivals.

Beginning with displacement, migrant camps and an encounter with an unfamiliar land, the film traces a history spanning all the way through to contemporary Australian society.

Eugene's film poses the question: how does an intangible cultural heritage function to sustain Ukrainian identity in an Australian context?

Combining various archival materials and interviews, Three fold aims at a poetic reading of a complex history. Ultimately, Eugene hopes to present a rich study of what it means to be a Ukrainian in Australia today.

Eugene Perepletchikov is a Ukrainian-born film director and cinematographer based in Melbourne. With extensive experience working across the commercial, educational and arts sectors, Eugene's skills span direction, cinematography, sound recording, editing, motion graphics, colour correction and delivery across all publishing formats.

Having emigrated to Australia at age seven, he has direct insight into the complexities of cultural identity. He is interested in using the cinematic form to investigate how cultural and social forces have the power to shape our lives.

Eugene has previously worked at various production companies and agencies, and is now operating as a freelancer.