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Kelly Jackson, Dr Luke Jackson and Maya Graham

Kelly Jackson and Dr Luke Jackson

Graphic novel: The brownout murders

A work of fiction, The brownout murders is based on true events that took place during WWII, setting a family drama against a backdrop of gritty, 'street level' crime and society's response to it.

In May 1942, while the Pacific War was fought on Australia's doorstep, a series of killings in the undercover of the 'brownout' revealed the rifts at the heart of Australian society: between age and youth; between men and women; and between prudishness and sexual freedom. These seismic shifts in our culture would not be mended once the killer was eventually caught and hanged for his crimes.

Kelly Jackson is a teacher, writer and artist, currently employed by Virtual School Victoria. She holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts. She has extensive research experience as a research assistant on four Young Adult novels, and as lead researcher and co-writer of the graphic novel Two week wait, to be published Scribe Publications in late 2019.

Luke Jackson is a writer, researcher, educator and filmmaker. He is the author of stories in a range of media including books, comics, games, films and graphic novels.

Maya Graham is an artist and Visual Communication teacher at Virtual School Victoria. In all of her creative work, Maya seeks to find a sense of authenticity and pathos.