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2016: Guy Rundle and Jo Waite

Book manuscript: The secret life of Building X – The lives, works and secrets of one Melbourne commercial building

Using the Sands & McDougall directories as a primary resource, Guy and Jo's project identified and studied a selected commercial building in Melbourne's CBD over its busiest period of life. In doing so, they revealed forgotten lives and vanished professions from Melbourne's past.

The directories were interrogated to trace the people who worked in the building. The public records were studied to provide details from individual lives and to give context to featured lives, documented in picture and text.

Guy Rundle is correspondent-at-large for Crikey and has previously edited Arena magazine, written stage and TV shows, and worked as an essay and feature writer for Australian and overseas publications.

Jo Waite is a queer Melbourne-based comic artist and accomplished writer whose work has appeared widely. She has exhibited in group and solo shows, and also curated exhibitions of comics for the Melbourne International Fringe Festival.