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Triple R debate: Counterfeit culture

  • Date recorded: 8 Dec 2016

  • Duration: 1:03:00

'To suggest that a work of art is not new simply because it's been influenced is to align oneself with those table-thumpers complaining about the Sugarhill Gang in 1979 ... it's a reflex born of fear and suspicion.'

– Casey Bennetto

About this video

Watch a hilarious and provocative live debate as Triple R broadcasters argue for and against the premise that there's nothing new under the sun.

Team Affirmative with Tony Biggs, Geraldine Hickey and Pauly P argues that we live in a counterfeit culture in which nothing is authentic anymore.

Team Negative's Jeff Sparrow, Elizabeth McCarthy and Casey Bennetto argue that there's plenty of orginality, authenticity and novelty in today's music, art and culture.

Adjudicated by the charismatic Jon Von Goes, each speaker has seven minutes to present their argument. Watch this video to the end to find out who wins the audience vote!

This free event was held at the Library in December 2016 to accompany the free exhibition ON AIR: 40 years of 3RRR.

Please note: some language may offend.


Team Affirmative

Tony Biggs: On the Blower presenter
Geraldine Hickey: Breakfasters presenter and stand-up comedian
Pauly P: Presenter on Livewire and Community Cup player

Team Negative

Jeff Sparrow: Breakfasters presenter, writer and journalist
Elizabeth McCarthy: Presenter on Multi-Storied and Triple R Talks Producer
Casey Bennetto: Superfluity presenter and comedian


Jon Von Goes: celebrant, JVG Radio Method presenter and host of the annual Triple R BBQ Day