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Tim Costello on our patch – is Victoria different?

  • Date recorded: 24 Feb 2015

  • Duration: 51:31

'in Melbourne, people are much more open to big ideas and discussion'

– Tim Costello

About this video

Staid and conservative or social laboratory? Birthplace of the wowsers or bohemian enclave? Sports mad or culture vultures?

In this lively discussion, former Victorian of the Year and CEO of World Vision, Tim Costello unpacks Victoria’s past, considers some of its extraordinary characters and offers a frank exploration of our present.

This event was part of the Library's Big ideas under the dome lecture series, bringing to Melbourne great minds in the arts, culture, social justice and sciences to discuss, debate and reflect on the big ideas and issues of our time.


Tim Costello AO is the CEO of World Vision Australia and a former Victorian of the Year. He is one of Australia’s leading voices on social justice issues, having spearheaded public debates on gambling, urban poverty, homelessness, reconciliation and substance abuse.