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Sue deGennaro on generating ideas

Speaker(s): Sue deGennaro

  • Date recorded: 26 Nov 2010

  • Duration: 3:32

'I need to be entertained – I'm going to be working on this book for a really long time, so it needs to rock me.'

- Sue deGennaro

About this video

Ever wondered where a picture-book illustrator gets her ideas? Enter the studio of author and artist Sue deGennaro, and see the illustration process in action.

Sue introduces us to her ideas book, where she brainstorms ideas for pictures using quick sketches and collage techniques, from cut-outs to retro iron-on transfers.

We see Sue at work at her storyboard and meet the little snail that makes an appearance on every page of one of her books. It’s tiny details like this that hold Sue’s interest and keep her entertained throughout the illustration process.

This interview is one of a series of videos commissioned for our Look! exhibition, featuring original artwork, sketches and drawings by more than 40 Australian illustrators. To view pictures from this exhibition, visit our online gallery.


Sue deGennaro is an author and illustrator. Her illustrations are quirky and infectiously funny. She has worked in many careers (including confectionery, circuses and home renovations!), and now (between making books) she often teaches writing and illustration.