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Sasha Grishin on printmaking & artists' books in Melbourne

Speaker(s): Sasha Grishin

  • Date recorded: 24 Feb 2012

  • Duration: 49:18

'...the whole art form is so incredibly fluent, is so immensely changeable. It’s an art form which constantly reinvents itself.'

- Sasha Grishin

About this video

In this video slideshow, Professor Sasha Grishin discusses how printmaking and artists' books have flourished in the past decade – with Melbourne emerging as the major Australian centre of these activities.


Professor Sasha Grishin works internationally as an art historian, art critic and curator.

In 1977 he founded the Fine Art Program at the Australian National University, and is currently Head of Art History.

He has published extensively on contemporary and medieval art, and is completing his third volume on Australian contemporary printmaking.