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Ruth Pullin on Eugene von Guérard

  • Date recorded: 28 Mar 2018

  • Duration: 02:01

'His stated ambition in coming to Australia from Austria was to paint the country, unexplored territories, with the eye of the scientist but with the heart of the poet'.

Ruth Pullin

About this video

Ruth Pullin discusses the work of 19th-century landscape painter, Eugene von Guérard, who set out to paint the unexplored territories of Australia with the eye of a scientist and the heart of an artist.


Dr Ruth Pullin is the curator of the 2018 exhibition Eugene von Guérard: Artist–Traveller at Art Gallery of Ballarat and the author of The artist as traveller: the sketchbooks of Eugene von Guérard. She was co-curator of the National Gallery of Victoria’s 2011 travelling exhibition Eugene von Guérard: nature revealed and principal author of the exhibition catalogue. Her research on von Guérard’s sketchbooks has been undertaken with the support of a Creative Fellowship at State Library Victoria and has been published in Australian and international journals.