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Lithography in the age of ST Gill

  • Date recorded: 1 Jun 2015

  • Duration: 03:52

'The most exciting moment is when the paper is lifted from the stone and an image is revealed, which is as crisp and fresh as when the artist created it.'

– Sasha Grishin

About this video

Produced in association with the State Library exhibition Australian sketchbook: Colonial life and the art of ST Gill, this video provides an introduction to the lithographic printing process, which became popular in the 19th century.

Watch as exhibition curator Professor Sasha Grishin describes the process and its use by ST Gill, the most significant colonial artist working in Australia in the mid-19th century.

Australian sketchbook: Colonial life and the art of ST Gill is a free exhibition presented in partnership with the National Library of Australia. This video was produced with the assistance of the Australian Print Workshop.


Sasha Grishin is an Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University, where he established the academic discipline of Art History and was the Sir William Dobell Professor of Art History and Head of Art History and Curatorship until 2013. He works internationally as an art historian, art critic and curator, and has published more than 25 books, including the Australian sketchbook exhibition companion title, ST Gill and his audiences.