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Jack Martin on finding teacher records at PROV

  • Date recorded: 8 Aug 2016

  • Duration: 44:19

'The question is: what is the Public Record Office and why should I be interested in doing my research there, given that I'm researching professions?'
– Jack Martin

About this video

Hear tips on researching your teacher forebears in this Family History Feast 2016 presentation by Jack Martin from Public Record Office Victoria (PROV).

Jack shares essential background on PROV's unique archives – which include a massive 100 linear km of state government records, including the all-important Education Department collection.

Taking us step-by-step through PROV's teacher record books, he explains how to track down the details of a specific teacher or school, including photos and miscellanea.

He also touches on the special case files, correspondence, inspectors' record books and teacher registration files that can help provide insights into teachers' lives and careers over the decades.


Jack Martin is the Coordinator, Collection Management, at Public Record Office Victoria.