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David Miller on paper sculpture

Speaker(s): David Miller

  • Date recorded: 26 Oct 2010

  • Duration: 3:54

'I love the way I can take a piece of paper and by folding and creasing, I can make it into a little creature'

- David Miller

About this video

Caution: artist at work!

Watch as children’s book illustrator David Miller takes a flat piece of paper and, by folding, creasing and joining, transforms it into a mouse.

David has been cutting and folding bits of paper since he was a three-year-old, and watching him in action is inspirational.

From a sandcastle with a face and personality to an elephant riding a unicycle, go behind the scenes to see how the illustrations in Snap! Went Chester, Rufus the Numbat, Where There's Smoke and Ringle Tingle Tiger were created.


David Miller studied art at Swinburne in Melbourne. His first employer, one of Australia's leading designers at the time, introduced him to paper sculpture. Later he worked as an art director in advertising agencies before starting his own design and illustration studio.