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Darren Watson on 'behind barbed wire'

Speaker(s): Darren Watson

  • Date recorded: 25 Sep 2013

  • Duration: 43:45

'Ultimately almost 7000 people were interned in Australia during the course of the First World War.'

- Darren Watson

About this video

Watch Darren Watson present his lecture, 'Behind barbed wire', on researching enemy Prisoner of War and internee records in the National Archives.

Darren provides insight into the stories of Prisoners of War, their internment and the atmosphere of suspicion and threat. Conditions varied widely at the different internment camps. Some camps had atrocious conditions, while others were quite reasonable. The internee experience could therefore be extremely different, depending on where they were placed and who was in charge.

This talk was presented at Family History Feast 2013.


Darren Watson is a archivist at the National Archives of Australia.