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Audio: Sasha Grishin on contemporary artists' books

  • Date recorded: 8 Dec 2009

  • Duration: 52:39

'The role of the book is being redefined, and the book as it will be is yet to be discovered.'

– Professor Sasha Grishin

About this recording

Listen to Professor Sasha Grishin as he explores the relationship between printmaking and the artist book in the work of Australian and international artists.

His discussion ranges from the experimental works of the 1970s through to contemporary fine press editions.

Part of 'Words and images: Examining the artist book', this keynote address held on 17 March 2007 celebrated the opening of the exhibition How I entered there.


Sasha Grishin works internationally as an art historian, art critic and curator. In 1977 he founded the Fine Art Program at the Australian National University, and he has published extensively on contemporary and medieval art.