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Alison Lester on techniques

Speaker(s): Alison Lester

  • Date recorded: 11 Oct 2010

  • Duration: 3:31

'It’s often the mistakes in my work that look better than the things I’m actually trying to do.'

- Alison Lester

About this video

Drop into the studio of author and illustrator Alison Lester, and take a journey through the illustrations in her much-loved book, Are we there yet?

Along the way you’ll see how Alison uses watercolours and pencils, and also some nifty stencil and photocopying techniques.

The results are simple and heart-warming pictures that introduce children to a sense of travel and adventure.

Alison also explains how her book is loosely inspired by an actual road trip she did with her family.


Alison Lester is an acclaimed children's author and illustrator, having published more than 25 books and received many book awards. Her best-known books include Imagine, The Journey Home and The Snow Pony.