2017 Australian Poetry Slam: Victorian winner & runner-up

  • Date recorded: 22 Sep 2017

  • Duration: 04:34

'Don't be so complacent, for we have come to reclaim our voices! We have not forgotten that we come from astronomers, from stargazers and moon chasers.'

– Sharifa Tartoussi

About this video

Victoria's mightiest wordsmiths faced off to galvanising effect in the Victorian final of Australian Poetry Slam.

Watch slam poet Sharifa Tartoussi's winning performance – a defiant reclamation of female and Arabic identity.

Then watch runner-up Janice Williams, whose rythmic spoken-word evocation takes the pulse of Victoria's once-mighty goldrush towns.

The winner and runner-up were selected by a panel of judges who had been randomly picked from the audience. This free event was held at the Library on 22 September 2017. 


Sharifa Tartoussi: Victorian winner of Australian Poetry Slam 2017
Janice Williams: Victorian runner-up of Australian Poetry Slam 2017

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