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Collective Isolation Project, week 1: What's in your fridge?

24 April 2020

Help us build an invaluable archive of daily life during this extraordinary moment in history. Each week we’ll invite you to respond to a single question or theme and share your collective memories in a range of formats – photographs, videos, writing or physical objects.

Our first prompt is: What’s in your fridge or pantry today?

You could take an inventory, tell us how many you have of a particular item, or send us your shopping list or weekly menu – we’d love to know!

Send your list to our Memory Bank Facebook Group and tag #SLVMemoryBank.

If you’re not on Facebook, you can email your list to [email protected] (please limit your file size to 50MB).

The Library exists to preserve these everyday observations for the future, so please join us! We're banking on you to help us build the archive of the future.

Terms & conditions

If you contribute to Memory Bank, we may contact you to discuss collecting and using your images, stories, objects and experiences. With your permission, these may be added to the State Collection or used in future Library programs.

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