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Nat Amoore Story Talks

A woman in a yellow sweatband makes a funny face while laying on her tummy
07 August 2020

Beware! There’s a prankster in the house.

Join Nat Amoore, author of Secrets of a schoolyard millionaire and The power of positive pranking.

In these bite-size videos, we chat to Nat about her career leap from acrobat to author, quiz her on what positive pranking actually means, and test her spontaneous storytelling superpowers!

Each video ends with engaging activities to get the creative juices flowing.

Perfect for classrooms and remote learning for ages 7 -12.

Each video includes Auslan interpretation.

The Story Talks series is supported by Gandel Foundation.

Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter, also supported by Gandel Foundation, is a purpose-built space for children and families to read, learn and play, with an associated program of activities.

Watch Nat Amoore Story Talks

Part 1: Positive pranking. Nat and Tess are joined by Auslan interpreter, Linda. Nat talks about how to harness the power of positive pranking, and tells us about ‘otosclerosis’- a hearing condition that features in her second book. Hold onto your teeth for that one. Activity: design your own positive prank.

Part 2: The big leap. Nat talks about the crazy jobs she had before becoming a writer, with videos to prove it. And Tess gets the feeling that she knows Nat from a previous life. Nat answers the question- do you have to be the best writer at school in order to become a published author? Activity: turn the boring into the unexpected with a story starter chart!

Part 3: Spontaneous storytelling. Nat creates an instant story! She asks young reader Joe for a character, setting and problem, before acting out a crazy story before our very eyes. Look out for the ridiculous pterodactyl joke at the end. Activity: take a lucky dip and tell your own spontaneous story.

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