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Meet Edmund and Natalia

30 September 2022

In Studio 4, we met Edmund and Natalia, a programmer and an author. They had recently finished recording the audiobook for Natalia’s sci-fi novel Descendants of power, a story that takes place in the near future where Earth has been ravaged by climate change, and the promise of colonising Mars becomes a reality.

Incorporating science and sustainability, Natalia’s book shows ways to grow healthier as a society, like the bicycle highway, which replaces traditional oil and fuel and leads to cleaning up the ocean and further the Earth’s atmosphere. 

‘Ed’s an urban planner, so he was really amazing at creating structures on Earth and on Mars’, explains Natalia.

After writing her book, Natalia wanted to create an audio version but found it difficult getting into the headspace to record it. Edmund chimes in, explaining that the trouble they also had with recording themselves was the disturbance of sound with trucks in the city or cockatoos in the suburbs. 

Through a Google search, they found the Library’s free-to-use recording studios, and with a quick sign-up and induction session, they were ready to start recording in a soundproof, quiet space.

Natalia also mentions that the induction done by Jonny, a Library staff member, was incredibly helpful, and even though Edmund picked the technology up quickly due to dabbling in some DJ work, she believes anyone could figure it out.

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