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The La Trobe Journal No 99 March 2017

Edited by John Arnold, issue 99 of the La Trobe Journal has a biographical flavour, and includes articles on a range of individuals with a diversity of interests and experience.

Amongst those featured are explorer and linguist Alfred Howitt, and writers Marcus Clarke and Henry Lawson.

Less well-known figures include:

  • James Miller Marshall, a visiting English artist resident in Victoria in the 1890s, seen through the eyes of Norman and Lionel Lindsay as boys
  • Ina Higgins, garden designer and first wave feminist
  • Allan McKay, publisher and proprietor of the Specialty Press
  • Frederick Sinclaire, socialist, utilitarian minister and WWI anti-conscriptionist
  • a German émigré family who returned to their homeland on the eve of WWII

Researching biography discussion

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