The Library’s extraordinary collection of music includes just about every musical style imaginable, from medieval chant to heavy metal and hip-hop. We collect records, tapes, compact discs, DVDs, printed scores, magazines and books about music and musicians.

Classical music has always featured prominently in the collection, particularly opera and vocal music. We also have a large number of collected editions by composers such as Mozart, Bach, Handel and Beethoven.

The profile of popular music in the Library has greatly increased over the last few years, with jazz, rock, pop and musical theatre all taking their place in the collection. You can also find country, folk, film soundtracks, world music and even marching bands. The list, like the beat, goes on.

For those with a passion for the local music scene, we make a special effort to acquire recordings of local independent bands, and we now have hundreds of these in the collection.

Our Arts Reading Room contains hundreds of scores and song albums, as well as listening posts loaded with 200 compact discs for instant gratification.

Happy listening!

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