Journals & magazines

Can’t find that old issue of the National geographic you were saving, or need the latest issue of Choice? We have magazines and journals on virtually every subject, from both Australia and overseas, and many are available online.

Journals go under many other names: serials, periodicals, magazines, newsletters, zines, annual reports and newspapers are all 'journals'. They are ongoing publications produced by governments and businesses, academic and scholarly bodies, local interest groups and the popular press.

You can catch up on recent issues by browsing the shelves in the Redmond Barry and Arts reading rooms or by accessing them online. Find out which journals we collect on a particular subject (whether it's art magazines, Australian literature periodicals, fashion magazines or science journals) by searching the catalogue. You can also search the catalogue for a specific article – whether it's from a 1940s issue of Australian women’s weekly or an 1880s issue of Nature. Some of these can be read online from home.

Because we keep every issue we receive, we have extensive historical holdings of 19th-century trade journals, including the inspiring Australian brewers’ journal and, for retro-renovators, The Australasian builder. Databases such as JSTOR also include significant historical archives of major international journals.