Reading Matters

In 2017, the 12th biennial Reading Matters will bring together a sparkling array of guest YA authors, illustrators and publishers to discuss, debate and celebrate books for young adults. The program will feature a two-day conference and one-day student program.

The conference offers a well-structured and informative program with stimulating content and thought-provoking themes, delivered by international and local high profile authors and emerging talents.

Delve into topics including:

  • the rise and future of YA
  • YA's expanding readership and appeal to readers, writers and publishers
  • best practices in teen engagement
  • the direction that YA fiction is headed.

Secure your spot at the Reading Matters 2017 conference and boost your expertise in the sector! The escalating popularity of the genre ensures that YA literature can only grow stronger. At the conference, you will: 

  • discover emerging authors and inspiring books to recommend to libraries, schools, readers and book clubs
  • unearth and forecast trends and issues in YA
  • network with experts and colleagues in the sector
  • meet YA authors, readers and publishers from across Australia.

The conference is recommended for librarians, teachers, book sellers, publishers, YA authors and YA fans.

Watch our video featuring authors discussing Reading Matters.

Reading Matters is presented by the Centre for Youth Literature.

Companion card is accepted at State Library Victoria events.

Note: the program is subject to change.

Reading Matters conference

Date: Friday 2 June and Saturday 3 June 2017
Venue: ANZ Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road
Price: $500 (early bird price)

Reading Matters is a significant biennial event in the Australian youth literature community. Bringing a suite of international and local authors to Australia, the conference is an industry leader in discussions of young adult issues and trends.

Book your Early Bird tickets now for this two-day professional conference, available exclusively until Wednesday 30 November 2016.

Reading Matters student program

Bookings open 2 November 2017.