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Power and the Ancient World with Professor Mary Beard

1 hour
Year level

From the foundational concepts of free speech and politics to the corrupting forces of power and leadership, much can be learnt from Ancient Greece and Rome.

This program will take your students beyond the hype of the political arena to the heart of the palace corridors and everyday life in the ancient Mediterranean world.

In conversation, Mary and Rhiannon will discuss what we can learn from the classical past, exploring power, free speech, leadership and gender through the lens of the ancient world.

Afterwards, students asked Mary their questions in a Question and Answer.

About Professor Mary Beard 

Professor Mary Beard is Professor Emerita of Classics at Cambridge and the classics editor of the Times Literary Supplement. She has worldwide academic acclaim. Her previous books include the bestselling Wolfson Prize-winning Pompeii, Confronting the Classics, SPQR and most recently, Women and Power and Twelve Caesars. She has made numerous television series, and her books have been published in more than 30 languages.

About Dr Rhiannon Evans

Rhiannon Evans is an Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient History at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about communicating the ancient past to a wider audience: she frequently appears on ABC Radio and is co-host of the popular podcast Emperors of Rome.