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MIRROR: New views on photography education kit

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Inspired by the ethos behind the MIRROR: New view on photography exhibition, this education resource kit (PDF available below) invites young people from across the state to access and respond creatively to the Library’s photography collection. It is designed to support teachers and guide students on how to:  

  • access digitised photographs in the collection 
  • think about these works and practise using evidence to support their opinions 
  • cultivate creative responses
  • exhibit the resulting work in the classroom or community.  

The kit includes detailed lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, video and activities. It has been designed to support:

  • levels 8-10 English curriculum
  • levels 7-10 Visual Arts curriculum
  • VCE Art Making and Exhibiting curriculum.  

The kit comprises six lessons that can be used sequentially to support the development of a class or school exhibition, or used individually as a standalone learning experience.  

If you would like to visit MIRROR: New views on photography with your class, or request a curator talk, inquiries can be made at: [email protected] 

This kit has been supported by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.