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Race against the machine: a look into the future for the AI curious

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Tuesday 04 July 2023

AI has arrived and its impact promises to be revolutionary. Should we embrace AI or proceed with caution? When the master owns the tools, what might the future look like? State Library Victoria is inviting Victorians to take a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence with award-winning author, journalist and broadcaster Tracey Spicer AM and experimental artist and filmmaker Xanthe Dobbie on Tuesday 25 July.

The second in the Library’s recently launched Salon After D’Arc series, this event features discussions, readings and performance exploring how much should we trust artificial intelligence, and who is holding it to account? How will AI impact the arts – is this technology capable of producing empathy and creativity in art in the same way that an artist can, or is this sector set to remain safely human driven? 

What: Salon After D'Arc: The Inherent Bias in Artificial intelligence

When: Tuesday 25 July, 6.30pm – 8pm 

Venue: The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall, State Library Victoria

Tickets: $45 (general admission), $36 (concession), $20 (First Nations)

About the presenters:

·       Award-winning author, journalist and broadcaster Tracey Spicer has recently released a new book Man-Made that uncovers the transformative technological shift we are experiencing and takes a feminist stance on the ethics of artificial intelligence.

·       Experimental artist and filmmaker Xanthe Dobbie works across on- and offline modes of making to capture the experience of contemporaneity as reflected through queer and feminist ideologies. Xanthe’s performance lecture 'The Future Is Now... But For How Long' is written in collaboration with (and against) ChatGPT exploring themes such as cyberfeminism, science fiction literature (particularly cyberpunk and AI takeover), cyborgs, glitch feminism, overthrowing the 'Big Daddy Mainframe'. 

·       Joining us to host the evening and facilitate these conversations is award-winning television presenter, video game critic, technology journalist Angharad Yeo. 

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About Salon After D’Arc
Salon After D’Arc is a series of uniquely curated salons that offers the next generation of Library lovers an exciting place to be inspired by cutting-edge creatives and cultural leaders, and network with contemporaries at the magnificent State Library Victoria. The series celebrates strong female forces, recognising the central role women have played in salons throughout history, and is proudly funded by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust. Named after the legendary heroine Jeanne D’Arc, whose statue has been anchored on the Library’s forecourt since 1906, and honouring the legacy of philanthropist Helen Macpherson Smith, Salon After D’Arc celebrates boldness, innovation and the courage to live according to your own values.

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