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Meet our Corporate Members: Josie Gibson, The Catalyst Network

Meet Corporate Member Josie Gibson, Director, The Catalyst Network.

About The Catalyst Network

‘Established in 2014, The Catalyst Network is a curated membership community of senior changemakers from different industries and sectors, many of whom are pioneers in their fields. We believe the best of the future emerges where diverse people converge and spark off each other – disciplines, organisations, industries, cultures, thinking styles, creative and scientific practices. This is critical as Melbourne emerges from the pandemic. We must continue to reimagine our communities, our workplaces and our institutions, and reinvigorate the relationships that nurture us. The Catalyst program is designed to provoke timely conversations and create pathways for non-traditional collaborations.’

An alignment of philosophies…

‘State Library Victoria was established just a few years after Melbourne was settled, and it’s testament to the vision and hard work of many that it’s now one of the world’s most visited libraries. I spend time in different parts of the Library for both business and pleasure and am grateful we have this world-class institution as part of our cultural landscape. We share the Library’s philosophy of learning, exploring, creating and connecting.

The Library is, literally and figuratively, at the heart of Melbourne. It’s a hive of community activities, contemporary resources and historical artifacts, individual contemplation and welcoming spaces. It weaves together the city’s past, present and potential futures. It reminds us of the power of stories and our need to connect – with each other and through space, place and time.’

…leads to networking opportunities

‘Library membership offers individuals in our network opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get to hear from prominent Australians on the big issues of our times, and mingle with peers from business, government and academe. The curation and facilitation are world-class. We also enjoy accessing masterclasses like the LEGO® Serious Play® events, which were fascinating. Corporate discounts mean more of our members can take advantage of these curated opportunities. And where else would you find a delightfully riveting discussion on the history of gin?’

– Josie Gibson

Please read our brochure to find out more about the benefits of being a State Library Victoria Corporate Member. From access to signature networking and thought-leadership events to discounted Library venues hire, choose a package that suits your and your team.