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Dr Amanda Scardamaglia

Scholarly articles and exhibition: Charles Troedel: A biography of colonial trademarks, pictorial advertising and other lithographs.

Charles Troedel was a lithographic printer with an esteemed reputation in the production of commercial art, labels and colonial trademarks. Troedel’s company, which traded in Melbourne under various names, and for a short period operated out of Sydney, was retained by colonial firms and European businesses to produce labels for their goods as well as posters advertising their wares.

The purpose of Amanda's honorary fellowship project is to learn more about Troedel’s career, his role in the colonial trademark system, and his influence in shaping the style of early colonial trademarks and commercial art. Amanda will also explore the connection between commercial art and the law. In the process, her project will pay homage to Troedel’s creative contribution to the commercial art industry and the colonial community.

Dr Amanda Scardamaglia is a Senior Lecturer at the Swinburne Law School. She completed her LLB (Hons) and BA at the University of Melbourne before being admitted to practice as an Australian legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of Victoria. In 2012 Amanda completed her PhD in law at the University of Melbourne, entitled A History of Trade Mark Law: The Colonial Trade Mark Regime. She is an accomplished and highly regarded academic researcher, with a strong track record in the area of trademark law, especially historical trademark law, with experience in historical empirical research. Amanda has published in both international and local academic peer-refereed journals on the subject of trademarks and intellectual property law, and is the author of the forthcoming book Colonial Australian trade mark law: Narratives in colonial lawmaking, people, power and place (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2015).

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