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Anna Walker on creating a character

Speaker(s): Anna Walker

  • Date recorded: 25 Oct 2010

  • Duration: 3:30

'I remember sitting on my bed looking at pictures in a fairy book when I was five years old and thinking, that’s what I want to do when I grow up.'

- Anna Walker

About this video

Come on a play date to the eclectic studio of children’s book author and illustrator Anna Walker.

Anna uses snippets from childhood and the tiny details of life as inspiration for her stories. She also uses ink, paints, pencils and wood-block printing to good effect.

The film reveals how texture plays an important role in her work, along with the more ‘crafty’ techniques of knitting, embroidery and collage.

It’s easy to see that Anna enjoys any medium where it feels as though she’s constructing an illustration rather than simply drawing one.


Melbourne-based illustrator and author Anna Walker has written a number of celebrated picture books including All Through the Year and Little Cat and the Big Red Bus. Her illustration techniques include pencil, ink and collage, and her inspiration is the everyday life around her.