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Foreign-language & specialty press

Newspapers based around a specific interest, such as religion or politics, country of origin or language, provide a voice for community groups. The Library’s newspaper collection holds many of these specialty papers.

Foreign-language newspapers

Australian newspapers are culturally diverse, in keeping with the diversity of the country's residents. Our collection includes Australian newspapers in over 30 languages, from papers started by early immigrants, such as the Chinese Times, to reports on 'home news' and the current melting pot of ethnic press.

You can also read international newspapers (and many popular magazines) in their original languages through PressReader. This online resource includes the complete content of more than 500 current newspapers from almost 90 countries.

Special-interest newspapers

We also have a wide range of newspapers, historical and current, relating to specific interests and groups such as:

  • sporting newspapers reporting on all aspects of sport and racing
  • theatre and gossip newspapers for entertainment news
  • religious newspapers for many faiths, including Christianity, Islam and Judaism
  • political press, from the far right to the far left
  • rural newspapers for local and agricultural news
  • alternative newspapers such as student papers, the queer press and more