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'The burial of Burke' infrared

Examination with an infrared light source can reveal the fascinating back story to how a painting is produced, uncovering preliminary sketches, alterations and hidden details not evident in the finished artwork.

Touch or hover over the painting below to see the acutely observed underpainting beneath The burial of Burke revealed in our infrared image. You can see the grid overlying the Union Jack flag, which Strutt used when transferring his working sketch to the canvas. You can also just make out a ghostly image of a horse near the centre-right edge, which was not included in the completed work.

You can also hide the finished artwork to view the infrared image in full.

Touch or hover over the image below to reveal the underlying sketches
The burial of Burke, William Strutt, 1911, oil on canvas, State Library Victoria.
Infrared image courtesy of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

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