Previous fellows: Redmond Barry Fellowship

Sir Redmond Barry by George Frederick Folingsby, c 1880
Credit: George Frederick Folingsby, Sir Redmond Barry, c 1880, oil on canvas, State Library of Victoria


Dr Ross Jones' project sought to re-create the story of tuberculin in Melbourne, resulting in a scholarly article and contributions to an exhibition on infectious diseases at Museum Victoria in 2016 and on John W Springthorpe (Melbourne's tuberculin champion) at the Medical History Museum at the University of Melbourne.


Professor Jennifer Clark researched the topic: Council for Aboriginal Rights (CAR) letters of honorary secretary Shirley Andrews.


Dr Michael Davis researched the topic: 'The Greg Dening papers: using ethnographic history in writing about Aboriginal/European environmental encounters'.


Marguerita Stephens researched the topic: 'Assistant Protector William Thomas and the Kulin people, 1839–1867: the end of things?'.


David Pear researched the early years and musical influences of the Australian composer Percy Grainger.


Jim Davidson researched the topic: 'Bigger than little: literary magazine culture in Melbourne between 1940 and 1988'.


Colin Holden researched the topic: 'Rome in Melbourne: the Piranesi collections in the Baillieu and State Libraries'.


Andrew Dodd researched the topic: 'Unknown genius: the architecture of John James Clark'.


Danielle Clode researched the topic: 'A future in flames: wildfire in a changing climate'.


Kristin Otto researched the topic: 'Capital: Melbourne when it was the capital city of Australia 1901–27'.


Kathleen Fennessy researched the topic: 'Ploughing with one heifer: colonial Victorians learning the land'.


Olivier Burckhardt researched the topic: 'Pencilled lines on poetry'.


Leonarda Kovacic researched the topic: 'From "lubras" to "belles": representations of Aboriginal women, 1850–1950'.