Order copies

Our online copy ordering service allows you to order copies of Library collection items from any location, at any time. It combines the convenience of 24/7 ordering straight from our catalogue with direct delivery of digital-format copies. You can also track your orders online.

To use the service all you need is a registered copying service account (already created for registered Library users, and easy to set up for non-registered Library users) and a credit card to make payment.

Copies are provided in digital file format – either TIFF (high-quality, suitable for reproduction in books, exhibitions and lectures) or PDF (for home use and printing). Files are delivered to you via digital download or on CD. Prices vary according to material type, output and quantity; and delivery method. 

When to use our copy ordering service

You can use our service:

  • where self-service copying options (photocopying, scanning and photographing) aren't possible – for example, an item is too fragile or it isn't convenient for you to come to the Library and make your own copy
  • where you want a copy of an item that hasn't yet been digitised and made available for free download via the catalogue
  • where you want a custom version of an item already digitised and available through the catalogue

Please note that some items can't be copied, for example, because they are too fragile, rare or valuable.

What you can have copied

Subject to copyright and other conditions, you can order copies of:

  • pictures, maps and manuscripts – the Library is continuing to digitise these items from our collection and make them available for free viewing and downloading as JPEGs or TIFFs via our catalogue. If something you want is not currently available online you can order a copy to be digitised. If it is already available but does not meet your specific requirements we can create a custom version for you. (Conditions apply.)
  • books and journal articles – many of these are available in digital format via our subscriptions to journal and eBook publisher databases and websites, and can be downloaded or printed for free. Where items are not available in this way you can order a digital copy. (Conditions apply.)

How to place an order

  1. Search our catalogue for the item you wish to have copied.
  2. View the catalogue record and check if a free downloadable TIFF (high-quality image) or JPEG (lower-quality image) is already available for that item. If so, you do not need to order a copy (unless you require a custom version).
  3. Look for the 'Order a copy' link. (If this link does not appear in the catalogue record, the item is not suitable for copying and you cannot order a copy.)Click the link to be taken to our online ordering system.
  4. Register your details. If you're a registered State Library of Victoria user you can skip this step. If you're not a registered Library user you need to register for the copy ordering service by providing some simple contact details.
  5. Sign in to the system using your State Library of Victoria user registration barcode number and last name or your copying service user name and password.
  6. Complete your order and make your payment by following the onscreen instructions. Payment is by credit card only and prices vary according to material type, output and quantity. Online help is available at every stage.

How to manage your orders

You can view and track the progress of your current orders, and review and submit any incomplete or unpaid-for orders via My direct delivery. Sign in using your Library card barcode number and last name or your copying service user name and password.