Title: The Melbourne Advertiser, Port Phillip
Date: January 15th 1838.
Accession Number: MS13486
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From one to 30 good usefull
Houses the greater number of
these animals are quiet saddle
Horses and will carry a
Lady. Enquire at the office of
this Paper.
From 100 to 2000 ft of good
Cedar at 6 pence per foot
20,000 Shingles at 20/- per 1000
Window Sills of Sydney Stone
and large size Worked or
Rough 2000 5ft Split Paling
for Sale of V D Land man-
-ufacture at 12/ per 100 they
are ready for delivery orders
on V D Land will be taken
in payment of the above.
1 Jany John P Fawkner.
Port Phillip Packet
This fine fast sailing Cutter
will be kept as a regular
Trader between this Port
and Launceston carries from
30 to 40 Bales of Wool and
is daily expected to arrive
at this Port.
For particulars enquire of
Captain Akers
January the 1st 1837
On Sale
A quantity of very superior
New Zealand Pine in Log
and in Flooring Boards Apply
to Mr Horatio Cooper Melbourne
or to Mr Hugh McLean W Town
The undersigned has
on Sale at his Stores the fol
lowing goods to which he
begs to call the attention of
the Public.
Flour - Tea - Sugar - Tobacco -
Brazil and Negrohead - Tobacco
Stems - Pork - Cheese - Potatoes
Rice - Oats - Oatmeal - Spices
Raisins - Clothing of every dis
cription Boots Stock Keepers
light and strong Wellingtons
Shoes gentlemens Superior
Riding Coats Wines - Port -
Sherry - Claret - Sicelian Red
and white Cape.
Spirits - Brandy Rum & gin
in cases Highland Whisky
Bottle Ale & Porter Burton
& Ashlys in Hhdds &
Barrels Sheep Wash
Turpentine Linseed Oil Paint
Window Glass Timber of every
description from Hobart
and Launceston.

This manuscript is one of a selection of documents relating to the early European settlement of Victoria.
This digital copy of the manuscript was created as part of the Port Phillip Papers Digitisation Project.

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