Title: The Melbourne Advertiser, Port Phillip
Date: January 15th 1838.
Accession Number: MS13486
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Melbourne 11 Jany 1838
The undersigned most
respectfully begs leave to inform
his friends and the public he has
on Sale at the Stores of Mr.
John Batman for Cash only
Fat Beef Mutton { £ s d
and Lamb per pound . . { ."-"-5
Best flour per 100 lbs -- 1.5."
New Potatoes per pound " " 3
good old Jamaica Rum {
above proof per gallon - { " 15 "
Old Madeira in Cases {
per dozen { 2.2.0
Do Port in ditto {
per ditto { 1"18"0
Best Cavendish Tobacco per lb " 5.6
Shot of various sizes
at 9 pence per pound " " 9
and many other articles at equally
low prices
The Undersigned will also
allow his Butcher to call daily
upon Families for Orders
B. G. Hollins
The first mail for Sydney overland
left here on the 2nd January last
& the first Mail from Sydney arrived
on Saturday the 13 January last
The mail left the seat of Government
on the 30th Decr 1837. Thus has Genl
Bourke done one liberal and Highly
beneficial act for Port Phillip in
thus opening a certain & regular intercourse.
Sunday the 14 Jany at 1/4 before one o'clock
P.M. The thermometer in the shade stood
at 102 at one it had fallen to 78 the
Barometer at 8 oclock A M was 29.89
at 1 o'clock p m it was 29.58 at 5
o'clock p m 29.48 About midnight it
came on to blow a violent northerly
Gale which contd. until 8 A M this day
NB the overland Mail for Sydney closes
Tuesday at 6 o'clock
The Triumph of Woman lies not
in the admiration of Her Lover
but in the respect of her Husband
and that can only be gained by a
constant cultivation of those qualities
which she knows he most values.
Few faculties more deserve or better
repay cultivation than that of the
Imagination it is the Soil whence
Flowers and fruit equally spring
Shipping intelligence
Wreck. Decr 21st 1837 During a
very heavy gale of Wind from the
S E the thistle from Launceston
Mills. parted both her chain Cables
at Port Faery on this Coast but
we are happy to learn that the
presence of mind so inherent in
our Brave seamen Was possessed by
Captain Mills on this occasion - He
succeeded in getting Sail on the Vessel
and ran her so High on the Beach
as to save every article on Board
and the Vessel is now above high
Water mark & not much injured
Mills and Crew were brought to
Western Port by the Eagle from thence
he came into Port Phillip and Boarded
the Henry near the Heads they are
all gone over passengers per Henry
Jany 9th Sailed the Tamar in Ballast
for George Town.
10th Arrived the Henry having landed 903
sheep at Geelong out of 905.
12th Sailed the Henry in Ballast (Whiting
also the Enterprise Hunter 80 Bales
of Wool both the above cleared for
Port Dalrymple.
13th Arrived the port phillip packet sundry
foods & 18 men passengers from Launceston
No 1 What letter of the Alphabet goes all
round Great Britain
2 What manufacture has an old coat had
3. When is a boat not a boat
4. When is a man's pace like a Jewish
Any answers pertinent to the
above will be gratefully received up
to the 21st.

This manuscript is one of a selection of documents relating to the early European settlement of Victoria.
This digital copy of the manuscript was created as part of the Port Phillip Papers Digitisation Project.

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