Dr Chris Kutarna debate: humanity is on the right track

  • Date recorded: 21 Mar 2019

  • Duration: 54:48

Ned Kelly is moving

  • Date recorded: 21 Feb 2019

  • Duration: 01:17

Georgiana McCrae's paintbox and easel

  • Date recorded: 22 Mar 2019

  • Duration: 01:48

Louise Anemaat on the unseen art of the First Fleet

  • Date recorded: 1 Mar 2019

  • Duration: 52:14

About the Library's fellowship program

  • Date recorded: 21 Feb 2019

  • Duration: 02:54

Clement Meadmore and the modernist wave

  • Date recorded: 7 Feb 2019

  • Duration: 01:02:04

International Students Advisory Committee expression of interest

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