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A must for family historians and genealogists, our eresources include how-to guides, historical records, biographical information and the popular Ancestry Library Edition.

What does 'bohemian' mean to you?

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  • Date recorded: 5 Feb 2015

  • Duration: 00:50

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Tim Whitford on identity & dignity

  • Date recorded: 18 Sep 2013

  • Duration: 47:24

Virginia Dahlenburg on 'Black Thursday, February 6th, 1851'

  • Date recorded: 11 Feb 2011

  • Duration: 29:18

Sally Rippin on Chinese brush painting

  • Date recorded: 25 Oct 2010

  • Duration: 3:24

Dermot McCaul on popular culture

  • Date recorded: 25 Oct 2011

  • Duration: 02:50

Victorian Historical Journal

First published in 1911 and still in print today, our digitised issues of the Victorian Historical Journal give you access to a wealth of academic articles on Victoria's history.

World War I unit histories

Our digitised World War I unit histories contain descriptions of battles and operations; listings of officers and soldiers; personal letters; and maps and photographs.