Victor Hugo: Les Misérables – from page to stage exhibition catalogue

Author: Edited by Tim Fisher and Anaïs Lellouche
Price: $39.95
Publisher: State Library Victoria
Available to read in the Library

This catalogue for the Library’s stand-out 2014 exhibition explores the evolution of Les Misérables from one of the greatest international novels of the 19th century into one of the most successful stage musicals of all time.

The publication is beautifully illustrated with rare works from the vast collections of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Maison de Victor Hugo, Maison Littéraire de Victor Hugo, Musée Carnavalet, Musée Rodin, the Cameron Mackintosh Archive and our Library. Featuring contributions by exhibition curators, scholars and critics, this book illuminates the enduring legacy of Victor Hugo.

Includes full-colour images of Hugo’s original handwritten manuscript.