Rare Book Week: The MV Anderson Chess Collection

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Simon Calvert, ‘Intercolonial chess match. Melbourne players in the telegraph office’, from The illustrated Australian news for home readers, 4 December, 1873, Melbourne, Ebenezer and David Syme, Pictures Collection, State Library Victoria. 
02 July 2018, 11:00am11:45am
02 July 2018, 6:00pm6:45pm

Library Expeditions 1

The two knights of our story are Magnus Victor Anderson, original donor of the collection, and Ken Fraser, its first true curator. Although her tour will not visit all 64 squares on the chess board, Jan McDonald will outline the history of the collection, introduce you to some of the great chess treasures of the State Library and demonstrate the history of writing on chess.

Jan McDonald is the State Library Victoria’s Rare Books Librarian. She has been curator of the State Library’s MV Anderson Chess Collection since 2006 and is intrigued by the history of the game and its literature.